COVID-19 UPDATE FOR SERVICES: Please read! :) 

Due to the current events surrounding COVID-19, Davich Vision Center has implemented policies and procedures for the safety our staff and our patients.

Everyone must wear Masks inside the building for Eye Exams- Please bring your own masks or face covers.

We have a limit of 10 people inside the building. If you would like to we are now accepting appointments for eye exams, as well as "optician appointments" where you can come to browse frames without worrying if the facility is too full. Please call our office at 616-956-6096 if you'd like to reserve your time.

If you do not have an appointment you may be asked to come back at another time. Our staff UV-C sanitize every single pair of glasses/pens that a patient/customer touches before it is put back into general circulation. We do this to reduce surface contamination. If we are fully booked with patients for the day or for that time, we may ask that you come back at another time only out of safety for you.

Curbside Pickup - If you feel safer picking up your new glasses or contact lenses from your car, please give us a call and let us know and we can arrange for this to happen!

Online appointment booking will be temporarily disabled.

If you have any questions and concerns please call our office at 616-956-6096.

Thank you and stay safe!

-Davich Vision Center Team

From frames starting from $49 to luxury frames, we've got you covered!​

Most Single Vision prescription

will be ready in 30 minutes.

Come in for an eye exam or bring in your own prescription!


See you soon! 

-Davich Vision Team